Cinderella Ashtray – Opening October 17th, 7pm

Cinderella Ashtray

Thursday October 17th to Monday October 21st 2013
Opening October 17th, 7 pm – 10 pm.


Featuring works by Theodora Allan, Bonnie Begusch, Greg Curtis, Kathryn Garcia, Gracie Devito, Vidisha Fadescha, Fabrice Maze, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Pascual Sisto, Daniel Small, and Katrina Umber. Curated by Katharina Weinstock.

Los Angeles is a city rife with mirages, gaps and traps opened in the continuous surface of reality. Its vast, desert-like cityscape seems predestined for experiences of Surreality. Here and there we encounter temporary disruptions in its monotonous concrete fabric, when we, passing by, catch a glimpse of a movie set at the side of the street, randomly transforming a piece of space into a temporary stage of imagination. Surrealism is all about creating such islands of experience, making poetry infiltrate the sites of real life.

“Cinderella Ashtray” traces the surrealist paradigm back to its poetic origins – unfolding the aesthetic concepts that lie dormant in the autobiographical novels of André Breton and putting into practice the surrealist principle of creating vertiginous constellations. The eleven artists featured capture the surrealist alchemy of the ‘marvellous’, motifs of iridescence, chance encounters and bewildering constellations – they estrange the familiar, destabilize our habitual perception and make the pavement we stand on turn into precarious drift sand.

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