Vernacular Songs Closing – Friday, Oct. 4th 8 – 12 – Featuring: DJ DAY GLOW

Photographs by Estelle Srivijittakar

Sediments by Melody Overstreet
Shrine by Kenneth Srivijittakar

plus text, food and music

Featuring an installation and set by DJ DAY GLOW

Artist-in-residence Kara Stokowski is creating an immersive installation in her bedroom and she invites you to participate.  


In Thailand, community forestry is an inextricable part of rural life and has existed as long as villagers have made use of forest resources.  Shaped by local values and traditions, land-use decisions in community forests are made with mutual and sustained benefits in mind.  These forest landscapes evolve to reflect the physical, biological, and cultural character of locals’ everyday life.

By documenting the interplay of cultural and ecological processes of several villages – all that is produced, maintained, and destroyed – I aim to compose a lyrical account of community forestry as a vernacular landscape. Community forestry is a poem, a weedy tract, a quality of light, a practice, a consequence, a scattered sound, a nostalgia, a scent, a grandfather’s dream, a song, a real place.

Though this body of work is non-fictional, these photographs are not married to communicating an objective truth; instead, they are objects of my experience, guided by a desire to imagine and recollect past lives and family history.  As a daughter of Thai immigrants who have left their rural livelihoods behind, I have inherited a cultural loss that compels me to seek experiences and subjects that reveal my rural and agricultural lineage. Vernacular Songs is a window into the kinship that exists between people, their history, and their land.



Image above by Estelle Srivijittakar – “A house of guarding spirits”
Below – DJ DAY GLOW at BYOB Boston


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