Transposed – the panel discussion, or a moment of unity – Thursday, Feb 21st – 7pm


Transposed – the panel discussion, or a moment of unitymoderated by Philippe Croissan

Following the mum dinner party – we invite you to participate in the trans-pacific panel discussion with our brothers and sisters in Sydney, Australia. The subject of this panel discussion was determined during, well after, the silent dinner party. Where guests sat and ate in silence, while listening to a recording of a dinner that took place at Verge Gallery in Sydney a few days prior. The goal of this dinner party was to generate questions out of the silence that would be the focus of the panel discussion. This event is the closing of the Sydney side of this exchange.

The following subjects will be addressed via Skype conference in the context of the whole exchange with Verge Gallery, Sydney and Concord, Los Angeles:

1. It’s like 15 languages inside a silent movie (point of departure)
2. Must we connect despite this?
3. Why do boys need so much attention?
4. Personalities are still coming to the fore.
5. Why is the class clown always the least talented?
6. Do you believe in lucky numbers?
7. What is your favorite facial expression someone else has made at you?
8. Why the need to perform?
9. Why the need to communicate?

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