Dinner Party Echo – Saturday, February 16th – 8pm – Please RSVP


Dinner Party Echo is the mid-point in an ongoing exchange between Concord and Verge Gallery at Sydney University. We started with merging one space with another, this turned into a dialogue that turned into something quite unexpected. Somehow a chain or a network or a system of integration has happened – we’ve lost track of authors, we no longer know whose space is whose, and some days we don’t even know what time zone we’re in.

Let me explain how we got here: first we organized a slumber party at Verge, this was preceded by storytellers trying to evoke a collective dream experience. We then greeted the gallery sleepers with a Jungian dream interpreter by Skype of course. We have collated these dreams and sent them out to writers in LA, who are busily converting dreams into scripts that we will send back to Sydney for their dinner party on Thursday. We have actors there who will play out and perform the dreams from the week before. Reverb. We have asked Verge to make a sound recording of their dinner party – to which we will sit and listen to in silence here at Concord.

This is the dinner party echo you are invited to, if you can keep quiet. A menu of noisy foods will be served along with fizz and pop.

Besides enjoying yourself in hushed up silence, surrounded by a group of equally mute guests, we have one request. Following the dinner we ask you to write down one question, perhaps inspired by the event. This question will then be addressed at the cross-pacific panel discussion on February 21st.

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