Transpositions – Opening Feb. 8th, 8pm

A series of events as part of  Transpositions – February 8th – 24th.

Saturday, February 16th – 8pm – Dinner Party Echo – Please RSVP

Concord  34°05’22.89″ N, 118°13’41.87″ W

Sunday, February 17 – 3pm – Beyond Concord                                                                        

Neighborhood Installations & Performances    34°05’22.89″ N, 118°13’45.35″ W

Thursday, February 21 – 7pm – Panel Discussion 

Sydney & Los Angeles via Satellite    33°53’21.13″ S, 151°11’28.09″ E

Sunday, February 24, 3pm – Transpostions and Closing 

34°05’30.27″ N, 118°13’57.14″ W


When we opened their package the Australian landscape spilled out. We can only pin the objects onto the wall for one night before they migrate into our surrounding neighborhood. So the opening is a proposal for the ongoing integration of the Australian landscape here in Los Angeles. This is an international exchange with the Verge Gallery at the University of Sydney. We sent them instructions to turn Verge into Concord and it has already begun Australia (they are 19 hours ahead of us.) We found a map of the area that surrounds Verge and we merged it with a map of our neighborhood. Friday we will present our map and the objects that have been sent to us from Sydney.  Over the course of the next few weeks these objects will be finding their way into the landscape that surrounds our space, so stay tuned for several performances and events.


Transpositions is an international exchange. For several weeks the Verge Gallery at the University of Sydney and our space will occupy the same space across the Pacific. What is there to be said about an art gallery at a public university in Southeast Australia and artist run space in a red brick warehouse in Northeast Los Angeles. A lot apparently, for several weeks we have been in exchange via video and email- we have offered our space, our practices, our histories and our heritage— and many things in those categories which we have borrowed or stolen. As a collaborative exchange, all the artists involved have been asked to understand and interpret their own surroundings, where they come from and where they work, as well as their own unconscious, and package it in a way for us to offer it to others across that pool.

So we had to squeeze our Concord into an envelope and send ourselves to Sydney, Australia. We eagerly await a package from a group of artists in Sydney. Somewhere perhaps our care packages crossed paths. What awaits us when we open these boxes we cannot know. What we are sure of is that it will contain generative material from sixteen artists— fragments, photos, maps and thoughts. It will also be interesting to see what is created from our package in Sydney. This show is more than an exchange; this show is a merging of two geographic locations, two art spaces and many artists. More than just an experiment in art making, it is intervention into many stages of the process, interpretations and misinterpretations by individuals and groups.

This is also an adventure across the Pacific. We can’t really know what will happen when we open this package— look out for cross cultural events and performances here and there, including a slumber party with story-time, collective dream analysis, various scripted dinner parties some in silence and a panel discussion.

Cecilia White, Kate Beckingham, Bartholomew Oswald, Heidi Abraham, Sahar Hosseinabadi, Justine Holt, Lucas Davidson, Penelope Cain, Fleur Wiber, Brigitte Gerges, Christopher Hay, Michaela Savina, Harriet Hope Streeter, Finn Davis, Victoria Baldwin, Esther Rolfe

Arjuna Neuman, Marco Di Domenico, Erin Schneider, Eirik Schmertmann, Clifford Pun, Francisco Janes, Fabian Euresti, Elizabeth Wiatr, Annie Danis, Michelle Kurta, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Justin Ryan Polisky more TBA

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