Paradise Lost: a project by Dennis Rudolph – November 30th – 7pm

Exhibition of an ongoing project by Dennis Rudolph: artist in residence; which will eventually be realized in the high desert of California City.

There is no other world possible. All utopias have failed. And they all originated from Europe.

This is the climax of western culture. It followed the setting sun and as if to rest here in final contemplation sat down at the ocean, watching the sun go down. And to dwell in its fulfillment it built this city of the angels in the land of the setting sun, the last rays bathing it into golden light, therefore called the golden state.

And it also built a monument to all the perished dreams and worlds that could have been. A place now since long forgotten, lying ashamed at the brink of the deathly desert, a city with streets but no houses. The idea of a higher mind carved into the white sand- California City: the epitome of all failed utopias.

On one of the two hills overseeing the laid out structure of what could have been the perfect place, on Desert Mountain, I shall therefore mark the western border of western civilization by building a portal: The one side facing east, being the entrance to the west, representing Heaven’s Gate, the other side being the entrance to the east, the Gateway to Hell.

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