Jesus Massive – December 8th, 8pm

Arjuna Neuman is pleased to invite you to Jesus Massive on December 8th from 8pm at Concord.

Jesus Massive is an event organized by Jesus Rave Productions, their mission is to “use electronic dance Music to worship and deliver the message of the Bible.”

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This event is a research component of a larger, ongoing collaborative project that looks at the impact of the California Ideology on neo-liberalism. In particular we are interested in the way the California Ideology synthesizes values and beliefs that have traditionally been in opposition. Where the idea of bringing Rave culture together with Christian culture is still a contradiction that is hotly contested. This neo-liberal version of dialectics seems to achieve synthesis most completely when it is a function of technology.

In an attempt to get away from overt mediation in the representation of a sub-culture and a real subject – you are invited to experience an emerging ritual of the Jesus Rave community. At this stage the architecture of Concord (including this press release) functions as the only frame for introducing my subjectivity and yours into the formation of this live documentary. You are welcome to observe, participate in and experience a rave that seeks the evocation of god.

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