Artist in Residence Arrives – Dennis Rudolph – September 17 – December 17

“Better to reign in hell,
 Than serve in heaven!”
-John Milton, Paradise Lost
There is no other possible world. All utopian ideas of the 20th century failed. And they were all born in Europe. No future in Europe. An old culture at its end. This is where I situate myself. The past 1000 years of painting, drawing, printing etc. are the material I work with. My intention is to write the epilogue of the culture of the Occident.
Most recent project in this context is to mark the borders of western civilisation. Starting with the most western point, Los Angeles, I will build a baroque gate at the brink to the desert – one side my version of the Gate to Hell, the other side Heaven’s Gate.
Accompanied by a wallnewspaper, melting together the different disciples represented in the Concord Project, we will project our view of the world into the city. To what end nobody knows, but surely we will have to overstrain the people.
Dennis Rudolph
  • 1979 born in Berlin. Lives/works in Berlin
  • 1998 study at the Language and Culture Institute Beijing, China
  • 2000 study at Repin-Academy in Sankt Petersburg, Russia
  • 2000-2004 study at the Universität der Künste, Berlin (Klasse Wolfgang Petrick)
Most recent exhibitions
2012 Wege in den Nihilismus (with Mark Titchner), Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam
Donatello parmi les fauves, Galerie Olivier Robert, Paris
2010 Mythos des 21. Jahrhunderts, Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin
2008 The Holy War, Chapter I, The Sacrifice of Youth, Perry Rubenstein Gallery, NY
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