Lipschutz & Lipschutz “Yellowpages” Oct. 19th – Nov. 5th

Lipschutz & Lipschutz

October 19- November 5, 2012

Concord is pleased to announce Lipschutz & Lipschutz: Yellowpages, a new body of work
that takes the ubiquitous phone book as raw meat. This father/son artist collaboration has
produced a raucous narrative that mixes the two-dimensional and three-dimensional to tell the
peculiar story of the death and life of the phone book. The use of material riffs on texture, in
the tradition of soft sculpture and assemblage. In the weathered and worked surfaces we see
the past. At the same time, this foray into the readymade is a vision of the future and its ever-
accelerating transformation of forms.

Lipschutz (b. 1950 in Atlantic City) lives and works in Los Angeles and Wisconsin. He grew up
in Eagle Mountain, CA, which became a ghost town in 1982. He holds a BA in Philosophy from
Pomona College and an MFA from San Francisco State University. Lipschutz (b. 1986 in San
Francisco) lives and works in Los Angeles. He grew up in Oshkosh, WI and holds a BFA from
SUNY Purchase Film Conservatory. Lipschutz & Lipschutz is a father/son collaboration begun in

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